Sunday, 23 April 2017

Tambul-Nebilyer gets new office complex for National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) centre

THE high altitude research station of the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) at Tambul in the Western Highlands Province now has a new office complex.

The facility was officially commissioned by Jiwaka Governor William Tongamp on Tuesday, 8th October 2013, during an agricultural innovations show organized by NARI and its partners for highlands farmers.

This new facility, which replaces the old office that was built in the early 1950s, will support research and development program for the high altitude areas of PNG. Research at Tambul has resulted in generating new and improved agricultural technologies and information for farmers to manage common farming issues in cooler climates. One of them is the release of improved potato clones against the devastating Potato Late Blight (PLB) disease.

During the opening, Tambul-Nebilyer MP Benjamin Poponawa called on farmers in the high-altitude areas to make full use of NARI expertise in addressing their agricultural challenges. Mr Poponawa said the high-altitude region has unique problems and stands to benefit from NARI’s activities, especially in light of the changing climate.

“NARI and its partners like the Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) have already shown us their worth. They have already released a number of technologies of benefit to the region which are on display for us to see and adopt,” Mr Poponawa said.

NARI Director General Dr Raghunath Ghodake said the facility will greatly support NARI’s activities in the region, saying the high altitude highlands areas have distinct challenges and such facilities will support NARI’s efforts in addressing them.

Dr Ghodake, who may have had his last visit to Tambul, called on the local people to see and appreciate what NARI is trying to do in the region. “We are here to work with you, look after this facility and you will benefit from it”, Dr Ghodake told a cheering crowd.

Dr Ghodake said provinces like Western highlands, Jiwaka, Simbu and Eastern highlands have no gold, copper, oil, gas, and will continue to depend on agriculture, adding NARI was there to help them. He said people in the region need to appreciate that science and technology can contribute towards addressing challenges they may come to face, taking example of NARI’s efforts to revive the potato industry after the PLB incident.

“We brought in potato varieties from Peru and evaluated them here for resistance to PLB. Through this process we have released four varieties to the farming community”, Dr Ghodake said.

Mr Poponawa also pledged K50,000 each to NARI and FPDA in appreciation of their efforts and encouraged both organizations to continue with their good work in the region. The office complex, built at K270, 000 with funding support of K50, 000 from Mr Poponawa, will have office spaces for technical and administrative staff and a conference room.

NARI office in Tambul Station.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Tambul Nebilyer students at PAU receive K12,000 for school fee subsidy from local businessman Gabriel Andandi

(Sunday Chronicle - 16th April, 2017)

STUDENTS attending Pacific Adventist University outside Port Moresby are firm that every Papua New Guineans can make positive contribution towards a better society and development of the country if well-educated through formal education system.

Tambul-Nebilyer PAU student leader, Steven Boping said PNG today lives in the pre-modernism era in which education system is relevant with the system that trains professionals who will be able to make a positive contribution to society in various fields.

“It can produce medical doctors, teachers and engineers, accountants and pilots, artists and scientists and so on. The former president of South Africa late Nelson Mandela believed that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. Indeed, it is absolutely true,” Mr. Boping, said.

He said this on behalf of Tambul-Nebilyer students at PAU during a K12,000 school fee assistance presentation by former teacher, turned career UN staff for more than 15 years and successful businessman, Gabriel Andandi last week.

“By realizing the importance of education, the managing director of Norman Finance Nationwide, Mr Andandi came up with a dream in 1997 to sponsor tertiary students from Tambul-Nebilyer all across the country. Many students he sponsored are today working in the public and private sectors in our country,”

“Mr Andandi’s dream is to build the human resource in Tambul-Nebilyer. He wants some professional like doctors, accountants, pilots, engineers, lecturers, nurses, teachers etc to be working in both private and public sectors all across the country,”

“On behalf of the students, I thank Mr. Andiandi for his great support. I’ am so thankful because Mr. Andandi’s initiative may cost a lot but in spite of that, from the bottom of his heart, Mr. Andandi wants to build the human resource in our district. His continuous support will positively impact our district in the next 5 to 10 year,” Mr. Boping said.

Mr. Boping said PNG cannot change if youths of today are not educated in classrooms to take charge of the country and its destination in the future.

“Countries like America, China and North Korea are growing at a rocket speed in terms of innovation and technology. It is not because of military or economic power but because of education. Nothing is rocket science when we get educated in all fields,” he said.

Mr Andandi when presenting his K12,000 financial assistance said he has the dram and desire to see more elites coming from Tambul-Nebilyer to take up leadership roles and other professional tasks and contribute equally towards the development of PNG.

“We all know that our parents are poor. Tambul-Nebilyer electorate is a poor electorate and I am assisting to get you complete your education by relieving your parents,” he said.

Tambul-Nebilyer PAU students with Gabriel Andandi (middle).
 Image: Mathew Yakai, Sunday Chronicle / 2017.

My Statement on the False rumours that MP Poponawa has paid me off with K3-million: Nicholas Tame


With time for nominations and elections fast approaching in exactly 24 days time from today, desperation is kicking in in some of our TN politicians and supporters. The stage is set and the showdown will begin. But with it comes mudslinging, name calling, threat of violence, bullying, physical confrontations and assault, calculated and intentional and designed spreading of outright lies and deception.

At the centre of all these are our politicians and supporters. But sandwiched and victimised by these are the simple, uneducated and free spirited villagers who toil and sweat every single day to make ends meet to see the sunrise the next day.
We take advantage of these ordinary people, and in the pretext of fighting to represent them and their needs in the Parliament for the next five years, we continue to suppress and abuse them.

As simple and unsophisticated as they are, they fall for the utter rubbish the Politicians and their supporters feed them; and without even giving a second thought, they sell their personal liberty, the very thing that gives each one of them their personality and identifies them as human beings.
Once one sells his her votes for money, one becomes a mere commodity. He /she is no different to the betel nut and cigarette 
that are sold and bought off the markets.

As usual, buying and selling of votes will feature big time in the elections. But I would encourage all educated TNs to educate our people of what we are (human beings) and the importance and significance of our votes (personal liberty). Our votes are not something that we can sell.

We have a pool of good people putting hands up to contest this elections. We need to assess each and everyone of them, including our current MP - see what each one of them have to offer in leadership for we need good leadership.

Let us not look at what we can benefit from the candidates now but look at what we stand to benefit from good leadership in the future after the elections. And that benefit should not be "what can i get out of the DSIP funds when my candidate wins", rather what can the larger communities of the ordinary people benefit. It should be better roads and bridges, etc and empowerment of the ordinary people - for instance setting up a good market for our abundant food crops for ordinary people to participate and benefit meaningfully.

Candidates, including our current MP and supporters should put out their campaign platforms for people to see and analyse and choose.

Candidates and their supporters should not engage in desperate and immoral tactics to create false hopes and promises in our people.

Candidates should respect each other because, at the end of the day, all of them are leaders one way or another. All candidates should simply market themselves.

Supporters are salesperson of the candidates so they should market and sell their candidates to the people, whilst at the same time, respecting the rights of the other candidates to contest, and the rights of the ordinary people to choose and vote a candidate of their choice freely and fairly as human beings.

Candidates' must ensure that they are not throwing mud at a fellow candidate, or calling other candidates names or attack each other. They must be above reproach.

I am not saying that our candidates are capable of or will do the above. But we must be alert and avoid such if it arises.

This is good for all of us as TNs not just for purposes of the elections but for respect and peace of the electorate.

Now, having said the above, I would like to make a statement about the subject I mention as the heading of this post.

I have been going regularly to the electorate and have done awareness. I consulted widely with alot of people from each of the 17 Council Wards in Upper Kagul area. I also made awareness with some groups of people from Lower Kagul, Upper Nebilyer as well as Lower Nebilyer.

In my meetings with these groups I basically conducted awareness of the kinds of funding sources available to all MPs , not just DSIP funds but all other funds; the fact that the National Government had already remitted all TNs DSIP funds to the electorate and the general development that has been achieved and that is physically on the ground in our electorate under MP Poponawa.

In the awareness I did not say that I was going to contest the elections but said I would run if the people needed change in leadership and that I would provide that change.

Like all other candidates and the MP, I have done my part in being a TN at heart. I have been doing my part in bring up and educating TNs, assisted people in need, etc. I have connections and PR and deal with real TNs and TN issues, in my own ways, just like the other candidates and the MP.

And I have incurred costs, exceeding hundreds of thousands, out of my own pocket, money that I work hard for, in conducting these awareness.

I have never ever solicited money or work from my tribesman and MP Poponawa in the last 10 years. We have never ever spoken; and it would be unbecoming, unethical and immoral of me as a professional to solicit easy money and work from a tribesman MP.

I am an individual and am a professional and survive as such independently for God created all of us and provided a plan for each of us to be independent.

In my capacity as a professional I saw what it has been the last 10 years. I wanted to run and provide alternative leadership to our people. Therefore, I consulted with my tribesfolk, who also happen to be our MP'S tribesfolk. And I got good and very honest feed back from the people of our tribe. The rest of the Upper Kagul people I consulted were the same. Some advised I should not run. Others wanted me to run.

The decision to run or not to run will be mine to make. And whilst I am considering that decision various people from the electorate, mostly from Upper Kagul, have advised that some people are spreading rumours that I had solicited K1million from my tribesman MP Poponawa and that MP did not give it to me; others are saying that the MP has given me K3million and "pasim maus blo em" and that I will not be contesting.

The days of money scarcity are long gone, it seems. Times have changed and everybody seem to have millions of kina. Money seem to come by easily these days even to the ordinary villagers such that they are finding it very easy to talk about millions of kina.

With respect, I am so used to hearing LNG landowners talking about millions of kina for this and millions of kina for that because they have oil and gas in their land. But in TN?

As a professional, I work hard but money is hard to come by. I don't know about the ordinary people in the villages in TN now talking in million kina language.

I survive independently and on sheer hard work. I don't beg, I don't seek charity assistance.

I have already spent hundreds of thousands of kina to do awareness and consultation with my people. If I decide to run I will run with the blessings of my people.

I don't need dirty money from anyone to influence me in any way. I will decide as a person with the power of choice that God has given me as a human being.

These rumours are calculated, designed and intentional to corrupt and confuse the minds of the simple ordinary villagers/voters. They do this to manipulate the people and how they vote.

Therefore, I take this opportunity to put it straight that I have never and will never solicit money from my tribesman MP Poponawa because the money that i solicit would become dirty money once paid. Further, I put it straight that my tribesman MP Poponawa has never paid me any money, be it K3million or at all, to stop me from contesting the 2017 national elections.

The decision for me to run the 2017 elections or not is mine to make as a human being and a not as a "nomikana noli ye" or "long nek na bel blo mi".

I apologise to the TNDF, TN members for this post but I had to put this straight as some morally, ethically and politically corrupt people are engaging in such deceptive, derogative and negative campaign strategy. It goes to show only one thing: desperation.

With nominations around the corner, I will make a decision soon.

Thank you.
Nicholas Tame 

Personal biodata and reasons to re-contest Tambul Nebilyer Open Seat - Philemon W. Korowi, candidate for the 2017 NGE


Hello everyone. I have been on facebook since 2011 and a member of Tambul Nebilyer Development Forum group since its inception by the Administrator. I have observed many good, constructive, helpful and critical as well as discouraging, personalised and damning comments by members concerning social, economic and political affairs of our electorate. 
I reserved my right to participate and comment on issues because in my view many social issues, one way or another were connected to politics. For that reason, I deliberately withheld commenting on the many issues discussed on this forum because I contested twice in the 2007 and 2012 general elections and will do so again (2017). 

I have noted recently however that many members have named potential candidates including myself and expressed comments including awareness on the calibre and qualification of candidates to contest and characteristic of leadership as well as invites us to outline our policies.
I know that membership to this forum and facebook generally is very restrictive and minimal which I estimate to be about less than 10% of the majority voting population of the electorate, I believe nevertheless that information can be easily disseminated by educated members of the forum to our mass populace in the electorate.

It is also good to know that some intending candidates are on facebook like my fellow colleague Mr. Paul Mawa, Jason Ake, James Kennedy amongst others. Nicholas Tame is another colleague Lawyer on facebook as well but not sure of his position as an intending candidate as this stage unless he so declares. Many of our Lawyers like Justin Talopa, David Gonol, David Levi, Solomon Wanis amongst others and other professionals like Paul Muingnepe and others, some student leaders, village leaders and many of you who I am unable to name here have made positive and helpful comments in this regard. I humbly respect and commend you all.

My primary reason for this post is solely directed to introducing myself and state the reasons why I am contesting again for the third time and my policies and priorities for the benefit of those who not know me much.

1. Personal Background
I was born on 17th October 1968 at Tambul Station, W.H.P. I am now aged 48 years and a Lawyer having graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree at University of Papua New Guinea in 1993. Since 1994, I have been admitted to practice as a Lawyer (Barrister & Solicitor) for 23 years now before the Supreme and National Courts of Papua New Guinea. From 1994, I worked with three (3) different reputable private law firms in Blake Dawson Waldron (now Ashurst Lawyers) (1994-1996 & 1996 -1997); Kunai Lawyers (1997-1999) and Paul Paraka Lawyers) (1999 – 2003). Since 2004, I have practiced under my own law firm (KOROWI Lawyers) as Principal up until current. 
I am the eldest of family of eight (8) siblings (3 brothers and 4 sisters). I am married to two (wives) with ten (10) children. I am from the Komka Tribe in the Upper Nebilyer area of the Tambul Nebilyer electorate.
My speciality is in the area of Litigation practice of law which basically involves court appearances on matters. Apart from litigation in court, I provided soliciting advice to many private corporate entities and government bodies including the Independent State of Papua New Guinea through the Department of Justice and Attorney General, government state owned entities and provincial and local-level governments.
I held public positions as Director and Deputy Chairman of Industrial Centres Development Corporation for four years (2009 to 2012) which is a statutory corporation of the Government of Papua New Guinea under the Department of Commerce, Trade & Industry.

2. Political History
I contested in the 2007 General elections. Out of fourteen (14) candidates I polled second place and lost by an estimated 2,404 votes to winning candidate and current MP. Hon. Benjamin Poponawa.
I re-contested in 2012 General elections and polled 5th place out of a total of eleven (11) candidates.

3. Reasons to re-contest
My reasons to contest for the third time again is not to gain fame, fortune or popularity by any means but simply to provide “Leadership” to our people. I have outlined this in my reasons and policies set out below.
I provide my reason to re-contest for the third time as follows;

(a) Support
I am convinced that I still command a strong support base from our voters throughout the electorate in terms of the trust, confidence, faith in my leadership, ability and skills to provide leadership to our people. This was demonstrated in the results of the last two (2) general elections that I contested.

The flip side of these results is that if I had polled last, second last or third last, positions during elimination in the last two elections then to me, the results would have meant less trust, confidence and faith in my leadership quality and ability to provide leadership to our people. Consequently, I have made voluntarily reacted by deciding not to contest. However, it had turned out that most of my supporters have decided that I should re-contest again so I am humbled and honoured once again to accept their call to re-contest.

(b) Personal Attributes
I welcome comments by all to contradict, correct and criticise me. I strongly believe in myself and my capability that God Almighty has blessed me with all necessary ingredients of Leadership attributes to lead our people if I am mandated this time around.

This was crafted and implanted into my personality from my humble beginnings at family home and childhood days to student life and current work experiences.

One person who aspired me to these leadership attributes was my late father .My father (now deceased) Mr. Korowi Maginja was a pioneer in the field of introduction of first expatriate (“whitemen”) patrol officers into the Tambul Nebilyer area which saw the birth of Tambul station in 1953. This was after my father worked as a labourer in many plantations in Wao/Bulolo, Madang and Wewak in the mid-1940s. Some of our local pioneers from Tambul then included late Sir Koitaka Mano (Komgla/Painbe tribe); Yano Galuwe (Yano Tribe); Tilsu Karo (Kepaka Tribe); Komka Kunjil (Komka Tribe); Korowa Taim (Klapka Tribe); Napa Wendo (Yano Tribe); Kaike Sipendi (Kaik Tribe/Gia); Paraka Tangil (Glaime Ail tribe) amongst other notable leaders some of whom I do not know and unable to name here.

My father started as a “rot boi” to “mangi masta” and eventually as a “tanim tok” (interpreter) to the many whiteman patrol officers or “Kiaps” and later national Kiaps (now District and Assistant Administrators) until his redundancy in 1990. My father’s job apart from interpreting the local Kagul language to pidgin to the Kiaps included dispute negotiations, arbitration and settlement amongst people. His life was centred around “service to the people” which meant his, family, home and entire life was in the public domain and service to the people.

I remember very well my childhood days in Tambul station where I always wanted to be a “Kiap/Patrol Officer” and in Grade 12, I wanted to apply to Administrative College (now Institute of Public Administration). However, the Principal of Aiyura National High School and Guidance Officer Mr. David Treagust strongly recommended that I apply to University and become a Lawyer which has features of being a “Kiap” which I did after doing Foundation Year in Arts in 1989 at UPNG.

My being a Lawyer today is the result of one of my personal attributes, influenced by my childhood upbringing and desire to be in the public domain to dealing with people issues and offer leadership. One can reflect this in the famous phrases;-…. “its in the blood”.

(c) Demonstration of Leadership at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary School Levels
My personal attributes of leadership skills have been demonstrated during my teenage years in school as class captain of grades 1 to 6 at Tambul Primary School and later as SRC Head Prefect in Tambul High School in 1986. Then SRC President of Aiyura National High School in 1988. Lions Rotary Club sponsored Youth of the Year in 1988. UPNG SRC & NUS General Secretary in 1991/1992. Also in 1992, I contested the NUS President and lost by 2 votes only to Mr. Wilson Pesh of Unitech.

(d) Professional Qualification
With respect to other candidates, I believe that my professional qualification like other lawyer candidates and current MPs, complement my leadership attributes in terms of orator skills, experiences and knowledge of the laws of the country to lead to provide leadership. More so, to become a Member of the National Parliament is to be a Legislature which is a principal responsibility of a member of the National Parliament in the Government of Papua New Guinea.

(e) Experience in both Private and Public Domain
In my 23 years of practicing law, I have known and advised prominent people including businessmen: Secretaries of Government Departments and Provincial Administrators: Members of National Parliament including two (2) former Prime Ministers and (one) Speaker of the National Parliament. 
During my contact and interactions with these people and their offices and institutions both in a Lawyer/client relationship and through association by other means including politics, I have by no doubt acquired experience in the areas of management of the bureaucracy, public service management, political operations and decision making process.

(f) Political Affiliations
I have met and known many Leaders which include village Ward Councillors; Local-level Government Presidents; Provincial Governments political and administration Leaders; National Government Members of Parliament, Ministers, Prime Ministers both past and present and top public servants including Departmental Heads; Heads of statutory bodies; Members of overseas missions Diplomatic Missions; Youth and Church Leaders; Non-Government organisation leaders; leading businessmen and corporations in the country, amongst others.
From this backdrop, two (2) things are obvious; first, that I have a fair knowledge of public relationship, and inter-actions with a cross-section of people both national and internationally. Second; that I have an open door policy to everyone. Hence, it is no doubt easy for me to inter-act and attract both government, private, international and diplomatic investment relationships with many people and institutions and connect them to the development of our electorate.

(g) Political Party
I have always had faith, confidence and believe in my ability to lead and not strictly being led by others or being a follower of a leader though I admire certain past and current prominent leaders. It is also healthy and wise to be part of a group and in this case a political grouping. The political game with regard to formation of Government which include election of the Prime Minister and allocation of a Ministry and being in the Government is all about numbers. That is the primary reason why I always believe in being part of a political party. It provides confidence, stability, and consolidation as well as enabling a representative voice in NEC Cabinet as Minister and delivering services when in government.
This was evident when I contested the 2007 general elections. Through my association with the former and late Governor of Southern Highlands Province Mr. Hami Yawari, I formed and become the General Secretary of a political party called “PNG Conservative Party” and contested under this party as my own party. Two Members of Parliament were elected in current MP for Kagua Erave Hon. James Lagea and late Hon. Hmai Yawari. This party is now defunct.

Then in 2011, I formed another political party called “Coalition for Reform Party” (CRP) and currently hold position as its General Secretary. Its current Parliamentary leader is the Member for Kandrian Gloucester, Hon. Joseph Lelang, MP. A member of this party was the Provincial Governor of West New Britain Province Hon. Sassindran Munthuvel, MP until his decision to join with the ruling PNC Party. 
I have a very close and strong relationship with the party leader Hon. Joseph Lelang going back as far 1989 in the University days to the present time. I have no hesitation in declaring that Hon. Joseph Lelang possesses all attributes of a leader amongst leaders and even qualify as a Prime Ministerial nominee if numbers, circumstances and the game plan permits. In the same token, I have faith, believe and confidence in myself and my ability to lead the people of Tambul Nebilyer into the next generation as a founder and member of this party and play a major role in formation of government as discussed above.

My CRP as endorsed around 30 candidates including two women to contest in various seats throughout the country in this 2017 general election. The names of candidates will be published in the media in due course. CRP is about coming together and mooting ideas for “Change” in many ways in the social, economic and political dimensions of administration and governance of the affairs of the country which we consider appropriate and necessary to suit the current changing circumstances demands facing the country. Such changes may not be achieved over-night but slowly and gradually for the betterment of our future generations. CRP is all about offering “new leadership”; “new and fresh face”; “new and fresh ideas and policies”; “new blood”; all in the name of “change”. 

So there you are! This is my party that I am proud to introduce to you all and contest as a candidate under this party and team up with the party leader and other winning candidates and provide leadership from upfront rather than as a “follower” or “brief case career” as is commonly used in politics.

(h) Policies
I do have some policies and priorities that I have already framed and incorporated into a document called “Party Policies” for CRP which will be posted on the party website soon. I will also make available small and handy pamphlets after the Writs are issued.

In brief, I believe in a firm, transparent, anti-corrupt visionary leadership that can bring about impact projects both in social, economic, and infrastructure areas that improve the lives of our people and their wellbeing both immediate and in future rather than the ordinary and standard-type services like building classrooms, churches, aid posts, clinics, ward chambers and delivery of ambulances, project submissions by individuals and envelope “hand-outs” etc. These are compulsory government services which any person elected can undertake. However, I believe in introducing major impact projects in the socio-economic sector that has capacity to transform the electorate and lives and wellbeing of people. I have a list of these socio-economic major projects but will not disclose them here because my policies can be copied by others. If I do not win, I will still post these major socio-economic impact projects as well as deliver by way of submissions to the Member elect to consider implementation for the benefit of our people.

After 40 years following independence, I see that this country is at the crossroad junction. The leadership of this country is in chaos, confusion and lacks clear vision and direction. Let us all not be blinded with the reality of what is happening around us because of bad political decisions. God has blessed our country with abundance of natural resources both beneath and on land and in the sea. It is sad and frightening to know that our country is facing its worst financial woes. There is an imbalance in international borrowing and debt servicing created by poor and unwise decisions made. There is very low and insufficient foreign currency available at the bank of PNG to meet international trading of commodities and business. Foreign investment in trade and business is at its very lowest moral. As a result, some prominent international companies have either restructured, downsized, sold or abandon their business operations and left our shores. The National Government through its Treasury Department are unable to settle internal debts and pay fortnightly wages and salaries of the public servants. These are just some of the realities of financial woes our county is faced with now.

CRP and I strongly believe that there MUST be “new face, fresh blood and new leadership” to rescue and change the course of this country. If we do not learn from the past mistakes and make amends or changes then we are definitely contributing to the doom of this beautiful and blessed country. We must stand up for CHANGE now. We must ACT now. We must CHOOSE right leaders now. We need NEW leadership now. We need new and fresh DIRECTION now. We need HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY in leadership and decision making now. We must fight against and initiate ZERO TOLERANCE on CORRUPTION.

(i) Respect for past and current sitting MPs and other Candidates
I appeal to candidates who will be contesting this election to appreciate that there is only 1 seat out the 111 seats in the National Parliament that belong to the people of Tambul Nebilyer and will be occupied by only one the winner during the term of office.

In the past great leaders in the likes of Thomas Nekints and Vicent Auali and now Benjimen Poponawa have held senior Ministerial positions in Government and set a high standard to this office. I concur with many of your views that in TN, we select, assess and judge leaders before they become candidates. We maintain respect for all candidates and ensure peaceful campaign, polling and counting through to declaration of winner. We do not file election petitions disputing the winner.

The sitting MP Hon. Benjamen Poponawa knows very well and must appreciate that he must be judged and measured according to his performance in office during the last 10 years. That alone must speak volumes to our voters in deciding whether he continues to hold office or is voted out. That must critically be related to the discharge of his duties in public office and we as candidates must by all means avoid any personal attacks and character assassinations against each other which may be tantamount to defamation.

I wish the current MP and all candidates (including myself) best of luck in our plans and preparations and actual campaign when the Writs are issued.

Provided your comments are not personalised and aimed at character assassination comments, I welcome critics on any of the matters I have published herein and participate in any meaningful discussions hereon. 


Mr. Philemon W. Korowi - Coalition for Reform Party (CRP) Candidate for Tambul-Nebilyer Open Seat 2017 National General Elections. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

NGE 2017 Candidate profile and policies - Paul N. Mawa, Independent Candidate for Tambul Nebilyer Open Seat


Personal Details.
My full name is Paul Nambmalg Mawa. I was born on 15 June 1968. I am 49 years and pushing 50 now. I am from Gaimtaka village, Tona Waipka Ganika Council Ward, Lower Nebilyer District. I am married with 4 wives and eleven (11) children. I am a Christian and I am a member of the Catholic Church.

Educational background: Primary and Secondary
I attended Ulga Primary School from 1975 - 1981. From 1982 -1985, I attended Mt Hagen High School and awarded the Dux of the graduating class. From 1986- 1987, I attended Sogeri National High School.

Tertiary Education -Under graduate Studies
I attended University of Papua New Guinea in 1988 -1991. I studied Law and graduated with Bachelor of Laws with Honours Degree.

Tertiary Education- Post Graduate Studies.
From January, 1992- March 1992, I attended University of California, USA ( Davis Campus) and studied the USA Laws, the USA Constitution and its legal system and culture. I graduated with a post graduate Diploma in American Law.

From March,1992 to August, 1993, I attended Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA and graduated with a Master of Laws Degree. From February 2010 to 2012, I attended Divine Word University and studied Business Administration. I graduated in 2012 with a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Since the year 2000 to present , I have attended many short courses in banking and finance offered by the PNG Bankers College , Corporate Governance and Directors Duties offered by the PNG Institute of Directors. Accounting for Non- Accountants by the Business School, UPNG and many others.

Work Experience -Professional Engagement
From 1994- 1998, I was employed by the University of PNG as a Law Lecturer. I lectured Law in the Law Department. Some of the other Law Lecturers then were; the current Chief Justice, Sir Salamo Injia., Justice Sir Bernard Sakora, Governor Powes Parkop, Justice Ambeng Kandakasi, Secretary for Justice, Dr Lawrence Kalinoe and of course Professor John Nonnggorr.

In 1999 to 2000, I was appointed by late Prime Minister, Sir Bill Skate as the Executive Director of Constitutional Review Commission. I was involved in the amendment to Organic Law on Provincial abd Local Level Government Law that effectively abolished the old Provincial Government System. I was also involved in the enactment of the Organic Law on the Intergrity of Political Parties and Candidates restoring some credibility into the political party system and the behavior of Members of Parliament.

When the Constitutional Review Commission was decommissioned inthe year 2000, I was seconded to the Department of Prime Minister and NEC as the Principal Legal Advisor to Prime Minister, late Sir Bill Skate. I only lasted for 4 months and when Sir Mekere Morauta became Prime Minister I resigned in 2001.

In the year 2001 , I started my own legal practice under the business name of MAWA LAWYERS. I have been the Principal of Mawa Lawyers since then to now. MAWA LAWYERS is the trading and brand name of the legal entity known as Niugini Legal Services Limited.

Leadership Experience.
By tradition and custom, I am a clan, tribal and community leader in the Ulga Upuka tribe and Lower Nebilyer Constituency . I have organised and got actively involved in many compensation and peace ceremonies. I know all the clans and tribes of the 34 council wards of Lower Nebilyer and 52 council Wards of Mt Giluwe LLG,

I have performed as a student Leader starting as class captain, school captain, school prefect and in 1990, I was elected as the Deputy President of the National Union of Students. I served under Hon Ben Micah, Former State Minister and now Member for Kavieng and Parliamentary Leader of the Peoples Progress Party who was at that time the President of the National Union of Students ("NUS"). At that time under our leadership of the NUS , the NUS was a powerful student movement that had affiliations and networks with International Union of Students headquartered in Frague. The NUS at that time caused and influenced major government policies and legislative reform.

Since 1994, when I commenced lecturing Law at UPNG, I have been and is now still the Patron of the Tambul Nebilyer Students Association. I enjoy being the Patron not only because of my pst active student life but also because I am a proud Tambul Nebilyer ("TN") graduate of that great learning institution and want to mentor future TN minds.

In 2013 to 2016, I served as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Peoples Micro Bank ownd by the Rural Development Bank. I applied for the position through a public advertisement for Independent Directors and I was selected on Merit through a rigorous independent assessment by overseas HR company. I served as a foundation Director and the company has a solid organically grown balance sheet and quality loan book through effective corporate governance and prudent corporate stewardship and culture.

Political Exposure and Experience
In 2003 to 2005, I with the advice and counsel of late Gabriel Pill, resurrected the PDM Party after its deregistration in 2003 when Sir Mekere Morauta changed the PDM Party name to PNG Party. I became the foundation President of the new PDM Party since re-registration until my resignation in 2005.

In 2006 to 2007, I was a member of the foundational Executive Board that established and founded the Pan Melanesia Congress Party ("PMCP") under Hon Ben Micah. The PMCP later got amalgamated and merged with the Peoples National Congress Party ("PNCP"). The amalgamation and merger was strategically crafted to give the PMCP three (3) Members of Parliament to the current Prime Minister Peter Oneil to wrestle the PNC Party leadership and for him to become the leader of Opposition. That was the political journey of Peter Oneil to be come Prime Minister. I played a major as a legal and political advisor in that political process.

I have provided and to date I still provide strategic legal and political advice to Ministers of State, departmental heads and Prime Ministers like Governor Wingti, late Sir Bill Skate , Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Julius Chan and the current Prime Minister, I also provide sound and strategic legal and political advice to Governors like Sir Peter Ipatas, and Hon Amkat Mai. I have mingled, wined and dined, and associated with the "whose who" of the top echelons of PNG politics. I believe I have mastered the wit and art of the political dynamics of PNG from outside of Parliament as a non- parliamentarian.

In the last elections, there were 11 candidates. That was the second lowest inthe whole country. The first was Ialibu Pangia which had 8 candidates and Rabaul had 13 candidates as the third lowest. Whilst of the 11 candidates in Tambul Nebilyer, Lower Nebilyer had 5 candidates and Mt Giluwe LLG had 6 candidates. I contested and finished a close second to the current MP Benjamin Poponawa with 27,600 votes. Many critics wrote me off as one who had no base vote and comes from a minute tribe called Tona Waipka but these critics didnt know that the whole of Lower Nebilyer (34 council wards) has been and still is my base vote area.

Professional Qualifications
As a lawyer, I am both a Solicitor and Barrister. I am a court room lawyer as well as providing legal adviceon non litigation matters. Given that I am a private lawyer I have no reservations in acting for a paying client as long as I have no conflict of interest and that issues of ethical conduct are not compromised. I have acted as legal counsel or lawyer for clients, be it corporate or individual, on highly sensitive and politically charged cases like defending the current Prime Minister during the Paraka gate saga. I had no interest in the outcome but I had to render my services with out fear or favour as long as my legal fees are paid for services rendered.

Kind of Leadership needed in TN
It is my strongest conviction and steadfast believe that in TN, we have a Member of Parliament who represents the great people of Tambul Nebilyer in Parliament but we dont have a leader. We need a people oriented leader with good inter- personal people skills.

We need a charismatic leader who will demonstrate leadership traits of fairness in the distribution of services , transparency in the management of the development grants and funds, adherence to procurement and awarding of contracts to financially and technically sound contractors who have and demonstrate the technical and financial capability and capacity to do carry out infrastructural development complying with the public tender and procurement processes as prescribed by the Public Finances Management Act and relevant legislative scheme of things.

The current trend has been hand picking K2 companies , often family and tribal affiliated with no track record of experience to carry out construction and infrastructural earthmoving works with inflated prices often compromising quality and durability of projects commensurate to costs.

Leadership to be provided should I be elected.
Management of Public Funds- I believe that the expenditure of our TN district funds should be prioritised and aligned to our TN District development plans. There must be congruence and alignment of social and economic development agenda and our TN District budget. There must be fiscal discpline in expenditure to ensure that we get maximum benefit from low cost -high impact projects identified in our District Development Plan.

District Development Plan- We must draw up a realistic, pragmatic and workable District Development Plan that is not academic but one that addresses our peoples main concerns and burdens such as better road network like the roads from Kasop to Gia to Piambil, Alkena to Bonga , Wambul to Kiraip to Korapulgul, Dumakona to Koibuga , Dumakona to Paraka, Tapia and Gomi, Papikola to Pabrapuk to Korkor/ Sanap Market., Papikola to Kopeng, Papikola to Humul/ Kumb, Telga to Kailge., Wara Amblga ring road to Tambul Station. Our people need electricity, health centres fully equipped with drugs and equipments.

Our people have real problems that require real and time tested solutions to address them. These real problems must be nipped in the bud once and for all. Our TN District Development Plan must not be an academic thesis written by some consultants who have never travelled the lengthand breath of TN, interviewed our people from the four corners of TN and collated the sentiments, frustrations and illusionsof our people. The TN District development plan must be the embodiment of our peoples, hardships, dreams and hopes and the plans are program based and easy to follow and implement.

Transparency in management and of our District Finances.- The TN district funds must strictly and transparently managed. These means that time acquittals must be presented to authorities on a timely basis. All acquittals must be made available to all TN to have access to and also published through a TN Development Website that any interested TN can access it and see the income and detailed expenditure of our TN district funds.

Intergral Human development- Human capital is vital to develop and sustain development in our district. These will require emphasis in all forms of formal and informal educational programs like adult literacy and numeracy activities. We should also keep an accurate data of our educational institutions and devise a coherent plan to modernise, upgrade school facilities and curricula development initiatives through timely subsidies.

National Politics- We must stand up and be counted on National Development Issues on the floor of Parliament and in Cabinet,. Our leadership must impact national policies. We must have a strong voice both in Cabinet and in the Parliament Chamber. We must stand up for Tambul Nebilyans in business and in the beraucracy.

Time for Change and hope
I believe this is our time now from the date of the issuance of the Writ for Tambul Nebilyer . We must dermine our destiny. This is our time for change and hope for a better future that every man, woman, children and tneir children can have a date with destiny.

I believe that we Tambul Nebilyer people can look through and beyond material wealth, parohialism and tribalism and choose a leader than can provide pro-active, effective and prudentleadership that has moral compass and empathy for everyone.

I believe God has blessed TN with abundant resources and with rich cultural heritage . We can cause postive change with our vote,. Yes we can, who says no. May God almighty bless TN and that may we have a trouble free, fair and safe election. May God choose a leader who is true to his heart to serve his people in TN, Western Highlands and PNG.

Paul N. MAWA- Independent Candidate for Tambul Nebilyer Open Seat for the National General Election 2017. Image: Paul Mawa, Facebook / 2017. 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Tambul-Nebilyer schools receive K1.20million from their MP Hon. Benjamin Poponawa

SCHOOLS in the Tambul-Nebilyer district of Western Highlands province have received a total of K1.2 million from their MP Benjamin Poponawa.

The money would be divided among 76 schools – three high schools, one vocational centre, 35 community and primary schools and 37 elementary schools in Upper Kagul, Lower Kagul, Upper Nebilyer and Lower Nebilyer.

District education adviser Joseph Iri Mangbil said he, with the support from the MP, was expecting the teachers and the schools administration to perform well as a result of the fundings.

Mr Mangbil said the district had no natural resources to develop its economy, therefore, investing millions of kina in education was its only choice and Mr Poponawa was showing the way.

He said education was an agent of change and the millions that were invested in schools were worthwhile.

Source: The National (October 07, 2009) 

Tambul-Nebilyer MP Benjamin Poponawa.

New Nebilyer High School was established in the Lower Nebilyer sub-district

Tambul-Nebilyer district in the Western Highlands Province has a new high school - the Nebilyer High School. Situated in the Lower Nebilyer sub-district, the high school was headed over to the locals by Western Governor Paias Wingti.

This school has now bring the total to four (4) secondary schools in the Tambul-Nebilyer district.

The previous three (3) secondary schools are: 1) Tambul secondary School in the Lower Kaguel sub-district, 2) Togoba Secondary School in the Lower Nebilyer sub-district, Kiripia Secondary School in the Lower Kaguel district and other growing growing secondary schools are: Gia High School in Lower Kaguel district, Mt. Giluwe Secondary School still under construction in the Upper Kaguel sub-district. 

This growing number of schools in the district and the province is an initiative by the Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti.    

Governor Paias Wingti surrounded by children.